Boutique Launch Formula™ Starter Kit - Women's


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Having your dream online boutique shouldn't be overwhelming!

And the best way to make sure you actually reach your goal is to build momentum.

That's all about getting quick results.

So what if you could...

1. Set your boutique up as a LEGAL business so that you are doing it right from the start!

2. Get all your permits based on your state so that wholesale vendors will sell to you!

3. Plan and buy your inventory correctly and understand how to price your products so that you make a profit on every item you sell!

4. Know exactly which trusted and vetted wholesale vendors to use (and the right way to reach out to them) so that you can begin stocking your online boutique.

5. Place your first inventory order with confidence so that you can prepare to launch your boutique!

In the next 30 DAYS?

You'd be more excited, feel more confident and that BIG DREAM of yours would be closer than ever. 

To make that happen, you need to know:

  • How to make your boutique stand out from all the others on the internet (so that your business actually makes money)
  • Every license, permit and form you need to become a legal business (and what to do about taxes as a small business owner)
  • How many items to stock when you're just starting out (so you don't buy more than you can sell)
  • What to expect when buying at a trade show, wholesale market or shopping online
  • How many times you need to purchase inventory for your boutique across the calendar year so you'll know how to prepare for each season
  • How to make sure you don't overspend on inventory
  • How to create a collection that sells (instead of choosing random products that you ‘like’)
  • Where to find trusted women's clothing vendors that will help get your idea off the ground (and get access to the trendiest styles)
  • How to price for profit (instead of just choosing prices that feel right but won’t help you stay in business)
  • All the tools and supplies you need to easily process and ship orders right from home (without making an absolute mess of your living room) 

And that's exactly what the Boutique Launch Formula™ Starter Kit covers!


Here's E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that you get ⬇️

1. Attracting Your Customer Exercise Guide & Customer Clarity Lesson

Getting clear on your target customer is one of the most important things you can do as a new boutique owner.

When you know who your customer is and what they value, then you'll know what to offer (and you won't waste time and money on the wrong inventory, website design or even your boutique name)!

This video lesson and fillable guide will help you make the best decisions for your new business.  VALUED AT $19

2. Making Sense of Sales Tax Guide 

Learn what sales tax is, why it's important, how to get your sales tax permit and when to LEGALLY collect it when selling items in your online boutique. VALUED AT $19

3. Sort, Store & Ship: Order Processing 

Shipping products from home doesn't have to be a hassle! Learn exactly what you need to process and ship orders right from your living room, garage or whatever extra space you'll have for your online boutique! VALUED AT $19

4. The Pre-Launch Prep Guide  

This detailed checklist features over 100+ tasks that walk you through exactly what to do BEFORE you launch your online boutique so you stay on task with your goals, can easily measure your progress and won't get confused about the next step to take.  VALUED AT $19

5. Women's Clothing Wholesale Vendor List

Get instant access to over 100 trusted  US-based clothing vendors across a range of styles— including plus size vendors— that supply some of the biggest retail brands in the world. 

From boho and urban styles to chic workwear and sporty looks too. 

You'll have a complete list of company names, emails and phone numbers that's updated every buying season so you always have access to the latest styles and best wholesalers. VALUED AT $127

6.  In Stock to Sold Out Masterclass (valued at $247)

This in-depth course will equip you with everything you need to correctly buy inventory for your online boutique. You'll learn how to:

  • Create a cohesive collection instead of choosing random products that you ‘like’ so that customers fill their carts (not just grab only one item)
  • Avoid overspending on inventory and make a profit on everything you sell so that your business is actually making money (and not just an expensive hobby).
  • Buy wholesale online so that you can find inventory all year round instead of waiting for the next trade show
  • Buy inventory when you're at a trade show so that you know everything you need to bring with you and what you can leave at home, plus my best tips to save money on your orders
  • Price for profit (instead of just choosing prices that feel right but won’t help your bank account) so that you actually make money on everything you sell


BONUS #1 SYB Pricing Calculator

Not only do you learn everything that needs to be included so that you always make a profit on every sale...

BUT I'm giving you my updated pricing calculator.

It's an excel sheet where you just plug in your costs and desired profit and you’ll get a customized breakdown of the best price range for every single product you’re selling. 


BONUS #2 SYB Inventory Guide

Don’t play the guessing game! Know exactly how much inventory you need to buy so that you make the most of your budget. 

This inventory guide is a quick glance sheet that explains how buying inventory works and how to get the most bang for your buck as you are starting out.


BONUS #3 SYB Buying Glossary

There's nothing worse than speaking to fellow boutique owners or vendor sales reps and not understanding what they're saying.

This updated version of my Buying Glossary is loaded with key industry terms so that you sound like a retail professional and won't be seen like a clueless newbie who has no idea what she's doing!


BONUS #4 SYB Inventory Budget Tracker

Don't overspend! This sheet will help you stick to your buying budget so you There's nothing worse than speaking to fellow boutique owners or vendor sales representatives and not understanding what they are saying.

This Buying Glossary is loaded with key industry terms so that you sound like a retail professional and won't be seen like a clueless newbie who has no idea what she's doing!




"I bought it and so far the content is AWESOME!! Thank you for putting this together 🖤" - Brandilyn C.

So straight forward! Jenelle didn't pull any punches. It really covers everything from A to Z and made launching a boutique go from distant dream to something I was able to make real progress toward in just a few weeks." - Amy

"Girl! I'm going through your classes now and I'm writing down key points that I can't believe I never thought of. Things that seem so simple to attract me to other sites. I'm so excited to get started. It's such great info. I'm so glad I decided to purchase!" - Keka W.

"Before taking this masterclass, I was asking my friends and family about  how to price my products. Now I realize that what I was doing was a surefire way to go out of business. With the pricing calculator, I stopped pricing by popular opinion and started to really think like a business owner. It feels so good not to guess anymore. I never thought I was a numbers person but now I get so excited when I see spreadsheets." - Heather B.

"I’ve been looking for wholesale vendors on Google for weeks and was only finding companies that ship from China. I live in a small town and I didn’t have it in my budget to go all the way to a trade show. I’m so glad I found your wholesale list! They’re all in the US so I can actually speak to a real person on the phone. I placed my first order online this week and I didn’t even have to leave my house." - Brittney W.


This educational bundle is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE 

Treasury Reg § 1.162-5(a)(1) and§ 1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expense from your taxes.

What does this mean for you? One of the biggest benefits of being a business owner is that some operational expenses (and even educational resources) become tax write offs — allowing you to reduce your taxable income. So this bundle is a business expense that ends up paying for itself!


Are there any discounts?

Sorry, we cannot honor any additional discounts for this product as it's already offered at its lowest price!

How much time do I realistically need to commit?

The content was created so that you would be able to go through it on your own time. It's recommended that you carve out approximately one hour per day in order to go through the content and actually implement what you're learning.
You can get all of this done in as little as 30 DAYS!

But remember: you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the bundle content so you can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule! 

If I have a question, do I have direct access to Jenelle?

This is a bundle of self-study courses and resources, there is no coaching component available with this course. The lessons are easy to follow and provide step-by-step instruction.

How long do I have access to the program content?

Forever! Enroll once and you'll have lifetime access to the content and all future updates!

Do I need to be tech savvy?

You should be familiar with how the internet works and feel confident registering with forms online but you don't need to have experience with anything else to complete the work .

Can I buy this if I'm not in America?

No. This startup content and wholesaler list is specifically for US-based businesses.

Please DO NOT enroll if you are based overseas! 

What format is the content delivered in? 

All lessons are delivered completely online via video with additional downloads such as workbooks, templates, spreadsheets and swipe files.


After checkout, you’ll get a confirmation email to create an account to access the training.

Once logged in, click on 'My Enrollments'. You will see the program you purchased appear in your dashboard.

Then you can start watching the video training and accessing the bonus materials as you launch your online boutique.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already purchased a resource or course from Start Your Boutique using the same email address, the new course/resource will automatically appear in your existing student dashboard.

This exclusive bundle CANNOT be combined with any other discounts. It is already offered at its lowest price!



Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds as you receive instant access to the program training and have the ability to download accompanying guides or worksheets. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can credit your purchase toward another resource by sending an email to our customer care team. Learn more here.

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