Multiply Your Money™



Facebook and IG are not just for scrolling and posting! Learn how to use these HUGE platforms to get more sales for your online boutique. 

If you want to grow your business, you have to advertise! And the most powerful way to get your brand in front of the most eyes is to leverage Facebook and Instagram.

With over 3 BILLION users combined, your customer is bound to be there. So how do you make it work for you?

Multiply Your Money™ is a step-by-step video course that shows you how to use paid ads to get your boutique in front of more customers.

You'll learn:

✅ how to make an ad and what to include in your images, videos and copy so that you can turn strangers into customers.

✅ how to find the right audience so that you get your ads in front of people who actually care about what you have to offer and are more likely to buy.

✅ what budget to set and how to know when to turn things  up or turn an ad off so that you're not wasting money. 

✅ how to read and interpret data so that you only make decisions that help you grow your business.

In this course, we'll do a complete step-by-step walk through of Facebook's NEW Business Suite including:

  • A full breakdown of the Facebook Ads ecosystem
  • Ad creation (creative, copy and placement)
  • Creating and testing ad audiences on Facebook and Instagram (and how to know which platform is the best for your boutique)
  • Determining the right daily budget (understanding how spend works in campaigns vs. ad sets)
  • When to scale up your spending (so you can reach more of your target audience and get more sales) 
  • Key metrics to track so that you know when an ad is doing well and when you should turn an ad off

That way you won’t be confused about how to run your ads or waste money because you don’t know what signs to look for! 

And you get LIFETIME ACCESS to this training and to all future updates for free. 




This course is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE 

Treasury Reg § 1.162-5(a)(1) and§ 1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expense from your taxes.

What does this mean for you? One of the biggest benefits of being a business owner is that some operational expenses (and even educational resources) become tax write offs — allowing you to reduce your taxable income. So this course is a business expense that ends up paying for itself!



How much time do I realistically need to commit?

You can go through the course and start running ads within ONE WEEK!

The content was created so that you would be able to go through it on your own time. It's recommended that you carve out approximately one hour per day in order to go through the content and actually implement what you're learning. Remember you get lifetime access to the program and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule! 

If I have a question, do I have direct access to Jenelle?

This is a self-study course, there is no coaching component available with this course. The lessons are easy to follow and provide step-by-step instruction.

How long do I have access to the program content?

Forever! Enroll once and you'll have lifetime access to the program and all future updates!

Do I need to be tech savvy?

You should be familiar with how the internet works and feel confident posting and publishing content online but you don't need to have experience with anything else.


Will this work for me if I'm not in America?

Yes. Facebook ads is the same around the world. The ad strategy that shared can work for you no matter where you live or where your business is based! 

What format is the content delivered in? 

All lessons are delivered completely online via video with additional downloads such as workbooks, templates, spreadsheets and swipe files.



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Once logged in, click on 'My Enrollments'. You will see the program you purchased appear in your dashboard.

Then you can start watching the video training and accessing the bonus materials as you launch your online boutique.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already purchased a resource or course from Start Your Boutique using the same email address, the new course/resource will automatically appear in your existing student dashboard.



Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds as you receive instant access to the program training and have the ability to download accompanying guides or worksheets. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can credit your purchase toward another resource by sending an email to our customer care team. Learn more here.

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