Managing Your Business Money

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Not a numbers person? Not a problem! Learn how to make sense of your boutique finances without feeling:

❌ Stressed

❌ Scared

❌ Stupid

This easy-to-understand video lesson and guide shows you EXACTLY what you need to know and track so you can see how every dollar in your business should be spent, invested or saved.  


If thing are just not adding up when it comes to your boutique's finances and you're having trouble understanding your numbers, tracking your expenses and feel stressed about tax season, then you need the Managing Your Business Money masterclass. 

This exclusive bundles shares:

  • the different types of expenses you can have (and how to make smarter decisions so you operate out of profit)
  • why cash flow is essential to your business survival
  • how to create a bookkeeping system that you'll actually use

And you’ll also get instant access to 3 A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bonuses!

  • Sales Tax Guide for Online Boutiques + Video Lesson so that you have an overview of what your state government will expect from you as a boutique owner and get access to resources from your state government that details how to collect and submit sales tax.
  • Expense Tracker Spreadsheet + Walk-through Video so you have a clear picture of where every dollar is going when you need to make financial decisions for your business.
  • Small Business Federal Taxes video lesson from a licensed CPA and former IRS auditor so you don’t have to be nervous or scared when tax time rolls around. 

She'll share the forms you need to be aware of, why keeping clean books can save you the headache of an audit, how to find (and vet) your tax preparer and so much more!

This masterclass shows you a realistic picture of how money works in your business, what you need to be aware of and track AND how you should be spending, investing and saving the money that your boutique will bring in.

So get the essential training you need (even if you're not a "numbers person") to get smart about your boutique finances!





Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds as you receive instant access to the program training and have the ability to download accompanying guides or worksheets. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can credit your purchase toward another resource by sending an email to our customer care team. Learn more here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Austin J.
good for basic accounting

showed me how important it is to really know your numbers. still have an accountant but this is a great resource

Alessandra G.
glad I found this!

came from Instagram. Already own a boutique but wanted to be more confident about my finances in the business. thanks so much! really informative

Daniella F.
was so nervous about taxes

was so nervous about taxes but this was really helpful! thanks so much!

We're so happy to help Daniella!

Vivian L.
cash flow is everything!

I got this and the business credit guide, so helpful!

Alicia H.
really informative!

learned a lot as this is my first business, you have to get this!