Wondering why we can't offer refunds on our digital products?

When a refund is requested on the purchase of a physical product, the product is returned and the money refunded.

However when a refund is requested for a digital product, there is no way for the customer to truly return the purchased item. It remains in their possession indefinitely.

Most of our content is instantly accessible or downloadable upon purchase (you'll receive a log-in link to access your dashboard).

We've been selling digital products online since 2018. And we are proud to say that over 3,000 women have happily purchased our masterclasses, ebooks and vendor lists. We go above and beyond to provide high-quality content that answers the questions you've been asking as it pertains to starting an online boutique.

If there are any issues with your purchase contact us immediately at support@startyourboutique.com and we'll get back to you with a solution within 1 business day.