Boutique Startup 101

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This is a self-study masterclass (online course).


  • Choose the RIGHT boutique name so that you can have a name that lasts forever instead of having to re-brand 6 months later (because first impressions are everything)
  • File for your business entity and permits so that you can be a LEGAL business and start buying wholesale.  
  • Prepare your home to be an efficient shipping station so that you can process orders quickly while working from home.
  • Manage sales tax filing for your boutique so that you understand what is expected of you now that you're a business owner.


1. Small Business Taxes Overview

Get a primer on small business federal taxes with a licensed CPA and former IRS auditor!

She'll show you how to create a basic bookkeeping and filing system to be ready for tax time AND get all the business deductions that legally lower the amount of taxes you pay.


2. Customer Clarity Video Lesson

All big businesses know exactly who they're selling to so they don't waste time marketing on the wrong platforms or waste money choosing the wrong products. They're crystal clear on what their customer wants and that's why they stay in business for years and years!

You'll be able to:

  • Identify and understand your target customer so that you can create a boutique that speaks to ONE person instead of trying to be everything to everybody.
  • Find out where your customer 'hangs out online' and what they want more of so you can market on the right platforms.

AND you'll get a downloadable workbook as a reference guide whenever you're making a big business decision!


3. Managing Your Business Money Lesson

You'll know how to use, invest, save and track every dollar that your business makes with a few simple tools (even if you're not a "numbers person")!


4. Naming Your Boutique Exercise Guide

This printable exercise guide(and the step-by-step walk through video) so help you choose a name that will actually attract your target customer so that you can stand out from the other boutiques on the Internet.


5. State Sales Tax Guide

Know exactly what to do to get your sales tax license in your state and be able to begin buying wholesale inventory legally!


6. Expense Tracking Sheet (and a step-by-step how-to video) so that you can have a straightforward way to trace everything you're buying and investing in to grow your business—without having to keep a box of tattered receipts, invoices and purchase orders. 




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