STARTING A Business SHOULDN't BE OVERwhelming.

Get the strategy, resources and training to confidently launch and grow your ONLINe Boutique!


Easy - to - follow video lessons 

40+ hours of recorded Q&A calls

Created for new business owners

Lifetime access to all future updates



These women did it and so can you! 

Get the step-by-step system to turn your idea into a business you can be proud of too! 

 With Online Boutique Success®, you’ll have:

  • absolute clarity about your business goals, the customer you’re selling to, the products you’ll offer and the experience you want to create.
  • confidence in the decisions you make, understanding your finances, creating relationships with vendors, setting prices and serving your customers.
  • all of the resources, tools and training to make more sales, grow your business, actually pay yourself and even take that long overdue vacation.


3-Month Online Boutique Launch Calendar + Total Launch Checklist

A step-by-step reference guide for everything that should be done pre-launch PLUS a 3-month launch calendar to keep you on matter how busy your life is!

Two [2] wholesale vendor lists

Instant access to curated lists of the top US-based vendors trusted by big brands like Red Dress Boutique, VICI, Fashion Nova and so many more!

customized shopify theme

You can quickly create a beautiful and high-converting website. This custom created theme was designed EXCLUSIVELY for my students. You will not find it on any theme store!

Live Selling TRAINING

Learn the best practices for live selling on Facebook or Instagram and how to set up your store to sell with live video without paying for any additional software.

Mastering Holiday Sales TRAINING

Learn exactly how to prepare for key holiday shopping seasons and make them the most profitable times of the year for your online boutique. PLUS you'll get all my holiday sales email templates and my guide on how to structure your sales and promotions!


For the first time ever, I'm offering the Coaching Call Vault! 

You get access to 40+ hours of real-life recorded group coaching calls so you can deepen and fast-track your learning. 

It includes hundreds of answered questions, detailed ad account audits, page-by-page website reviews, in-depth marketing lessons on new strategies and so much more.


After checkout, you’ll get a confirmation email to create an account to access the training.

Once logged in, click on 'My Enrollments'. You will see the program you purchased appear in your dashboard.

Then you can start watching the video training and accessing the bonus materials as you launch your online boutique.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve already purchased a resource or course from Start Your Boutique using the same email address, the new course/resource will automatically appear in your existing student dashboard.

are you ready to go after your dream?

I’ve been exactly where you are and I’ve made all the newbie mistakes.

When I started my first business, there wasn’t a roadmap. At all.

I can still remember the frustration, stress and confusion I felt as I struggled to find answers.

And even my fashion merchandising degree and experience as a fashion buyer for a Fortune 500 company—where my decisions impacted millions of dollars worth of inventory and sales— didn’t prepare me for what I needed to do to run a business on my own. 

I actually failed at SIX different businesses.

What I would’ve given to have someone show me the way, step by step—and save the time, money, headaches and tears from trying to ‘make it happen’.

But I stuck with it. And got smarter.

I used every single lesson to launch, grow and sell my bridal accessories boutique in just 7 months! 

And since selling that boutique, I’ve helped over 3,000 women get the clarity they need to finally take action on their dreams.

Online Boutique Success® is the program that I wish I had by my side way back then. 

Now I get to teach women just like you how to avoid the mistakes I made and grow a thriving online boutique of your own. 

I'm so excited to help you on your journey!

To your success,


Is there a payment plan?

Checkout with Sezzle, Zip or ShopPay to create your own interest free 4-pay payment plan for Online Boutique Success®.

If I have a question, do I have direct access to Jenelle?

When you enroll in Online Boutique Success® SELF STUDY you only get access to the course with it's full Q&A bank and the coaching call vault — which covers hundreds of questions in 40+ hours of footage.

How long do I have access to the program content?

Forever! Enroll in Online Boutique Success® once and you'll have lifetime access to the program and all future content updates!

Do I need to be tech savvy?

You should be familiar with how the internet works but you don't need to have experience with creating websites or designing graphics.

You get step-by-step video tutorials on all technical aspects of your new business that you can follow and refer to for a refresher in the future since you have lifetime access to the program.

Will you discuss taxes?

Yes, we do!

In Module 2, you'll learn about state sales tax. And you'll have access to a bonus lesson on preparing your business for federal taxes from a licensed CPA and former IRS auditor.

However, for information specific to your business, you will still need to consult your own accountant and/or tax professional.

Will this work for me if I'm not in America?

Yes it will!

The principles you learn in Online Boutique Success® can be applied to your business regardless of where you are located.

However, the specifics for business formation and taxes will be based on your country's laws and will NOT be covered in the program. You should still consult a local business and/or tax professional.

How much time do I realistically need to commit?

The content was created so that you would be able to go through it on your own time. We recommend carving out approximately five hours a week in order to go through the content and actually implement what you're learning. Remember you get lifetime access to the program and can easily work at your own pace, on your own schedule! 

This program would be a really big investment for me. Is it really worth the price? 

I didn't start to see success until I invested in myself through people who have been where I wanted to be.

Trying to figure it out on your own is more expensive, time consuming and a journey filled with avoidable mistakes.

Online Boutique Success® packages everything you need to know and do in the right order so that you can get to your goal quicker while avoiding setbacks along the journey that most aspiring online boutique owners struggle with or fail because of.

I want to start a drop ship/thrift store or I want to sell craft/handmade goods on Etsy — is Online Boutique Success® right for me? 

No. Please do not enroll in OBS.

Do you have a refund policy for Online Boutique Success®?

I do not offer refunds for Online Boutique Success® for one reason: you should only sign up if you are committed to yourself and making YOUR dream a reality. 

This program is not about ‘trying something out’. I’m sharing the blueprint to turn your idea into a thriving online business and I am FULLY committed and present throughout the program to support you but it will be your job to execute. 

Once you have received the information you cannot give it back or “unsee” it. You will have received access to my valuable intellectual property and materials and therefore THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND ON THIS PROGRAM WHATSOEVER.

If you want results, you should be in the position to invest in yourself and follow through until the end. Commitment and follow-through creates momentum. People who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get better results. 

If you are not committed to yourself and taking action to create the business and life you want, please do NOT enroll into the program. 

If you are someone who goes around the internet with the malicious intent of gaining access to information and materials then requesting a refund to try to get things for free PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL.