Women's Clothing Wholesale Vendor List (USA)

Where do online boutiques buy clothes? 🤔

That's one of the first questions aspiring boutique owners have.

So if that's what you've been wondering about, then you're not alone.

You do have a few options.

🔎 You could type ‘wholesale clothing vendor’ into a Google search, go through pages of search results, pick one at random and hope that you get the quality of products your future customers deserve.

✈ You could go to a major trade show, spend three days trudging through hundreds of thousands of square feet of packed vendor booths, trying to find just one company who has the right clothes at the right price to stock your boutique.

🛍 Or you could try the nearest wholesale market (hopefully not too many states away) to look through a smaller selection of vendor options, and *cross your fingers* to hopefully find someone that you actually want to work with— and who'd be willing to work with you as a new boutique owner.

Which means that you’ll be coming out of pocket for hotels or an AirBnB, your plane ticket or gas money, and all 3 meals + snacks for every single day that you're there.

That's in addition to the inventory you have to buy (if you find the right vendor with the right clothes at the right price).

🗓 And then of course, waiting WEEKS (or even months) to finally get what you ordered — depending on the ship date and if there are any "supply chain issues".

😫And not to mention getting a sitter, cooking and freezing meals in advance, making sure your husband is up to date on your kid’s schedules and that your home life won’t completely fall apart without you being there— all BEFORE you even step one foot out the door.

Starting your boutique from home is supposed to be convenient— and doing ALL of that is NOT convenient ❌

And it can cost an EXTRA $1000 or more (when you factor in flight costs, lodging, food, car rental or even child care while you're away!).

So...why not keep that money in your bank account and use it for something better, you know, like actually buying inventory for your boutique?

There has to be a better way.

And there is 💡

A way for you to get access to all the latest styles from the top wholesalers—without having to leave your couch.

Vendors trusted by HUGE multi-million dollar brands like VICI Collection, Red Dress Boutique and Pretty Little Thing.

🇺🇸 Vendors that are ALL based in the US.

⏰ So you don’t have to figure out how long you need to stay awake after everyone else has already gone to bed to hopefully connect with someone on the other side of the world.

Yep, there's a much better way ⬇️

Get instant access to over 120 of the top US-based vendors to launch or grow your women’s clothing boutique! 

This curated wholesale vendor list gives you instant access to emails and phone numbers for the widest range of high quality vendors— all based in the US and trusted by the biggest brands!


Vendors that carry the best in boho, modest apparel, chic workwear, sporty looks, urban styles, sexy club wear and so much more!


You get your pick of the season’s best tops, dresses, jeans, pants, skirts, knits, outerwear, swimwear and even lingerie—including plus size options!


And as a BONUS you'll get a PDF pre-launch guide which walks you through everything you need to do to be ready to buy wholesale (registering your business, getting an EIN, getting your resellers certificate)—step-by-step!


You get to do this right from home—no round-trip flight or long drive, no hotel stay, meals, snacks and all the other miscellaneous expenses that can pop up while you're away—money that you can put right into your inventory buying budget.


PLUS the vendor list is updated EVERY buying season so you’ll get access to new brands that I find — without you ever having to leave your house! 




What’s included: 

  • Video walk through of how to access, easily navigate and use your new vendor list
  • Excel spreadsheet with over 120 US-based vendors organized by category— with company names, websites, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Downloadable PDF pre-launch guide with resources for filing for your LLC and getting your resellers certificate
  • BONUS Vendor outreach tips to help new boutique owners create a strong impression with established vendors (including an email outreach template and decision tree if you don't get responses)
  • BONUS Step-by-step walk through of how to supplement your inventory by ordering products overseas [VIDEO]

Peace of mind, knowing that you have access to vendors you can trust (instead of playing the guessing game on Google). 


Get instant access to over 120 of the topUS-based vendors — all carrying the latest trends and styles trusted by multi-million dollar brands like VICI Collection, Red Dress Boutique, Pretty Little Thing and more!


The Women's Clothing Wholesale Vendor list DOES NOT include ACCESSORIES and FOOTWEAR vendors!


This list is for U.S based businesses only — DO NOT BUY if you are overseas!

Get your Women's Clothing Wholesale Vendor List today! 

Getting started is easy!

After checkout, you’ll get a confirmation email to create an account to access the training (if you’ve already purchased from Start Your Boutique, it will appear in your existing student dashboard).

Then you'll get access to the latest version of the vendor list and downloadable pre-launch guide so you can find the best US-based accessories vendors for your online boutique. Plus, each list is updated every buying season so you'll always have your pick of the latest and best vendors available.

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Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds as you receive instant access to the vendor list and have the ability to download accompanying guides or worksheets. If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can credit your purchase toward another resource by sending an email to our customer care team. Learn more here. 


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Customer Reviews

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Alice N.
can't wait to launch my boutique

found the perfect vendor and already got my first order. Now I'm just taking my pictures to put them up on my website

Carol A.
this was on my pinboard for a while

saved it and finally got it, great list!

Pinterest works! :) Thanks Carol!

Naomi T.
get this list!

starting a boho boutique, so many great options and the list is easy to search through

Sadie L.
didn't know how much I needed this

so happy I found this! I had so many bad experiences with vendors in the past. finally found the perfect partner and I'm excited about my next collection

Hailey P.
all US-based vendors

all US-based vendors, already made my first order